Want more cartoons?

Would you like to see transgender cartoons?
Then please go to jirosworld.wordpress.com – and subscribe for updates and new comics!

The site you’re looking at now is simply a placeholder for the “Off my chest” transgender webcomic series – with the infamous ‘bosoms’ as the main characters.
You really do not want to miss out! So go here for more information.art, boobs, bosom, bosoms, breast, breasts, cartoon, free comics, ftm, gratis, strips, top surgery, transgender, transman, vm, transgender, transseksualiteit, transseksueel, transsexualiteit, transsexueel, verkeerde lichaam, genderidentiteit, genderdysforie, gender, vrouw naar man, vrouw-naar-man, ombouwen, transitie, genderidentiteit, transgenderidentiteit, lichaamsbeleving, genderisme, transvrouw, transeksualiteit, transeksueel, transexualiteit, transexueel, transsexuality, transsexual, female to male, female-to-male, genderdysphoria, genderdysphore, genderidentity, transition, F2M, queer, transtrots, transsexual menace, de noodles, TNN, transvisie, continuum, genderqueer, tranny, pride, LHBT, GLBT, LGBT, interseksueel, intersex, hermafrodiet, hermaphrodite, feminisme, tits, tieten, borsten, nipple, nipples, tepel, tepels

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